Culture Shock

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an awakening that shocked the world — a structural change in how and where people work and live. One thing we now know for certain: Nothing is going back to normal.

How organizations adapt to this culture shock will determine whether they thrive or even survive and whether U.S. and global productivity will go up or down.

The immediate danger is that most employees will now operate more like independent contractors or gig workers than employees who are loyal and committed to your organization. The risk grows as your workforce’s mentality continues to shift from my life at work to my life at home. It may become nearly impossible to create a culture of committed team members and powerful relationships at work.

Leaders continue to wrestle with the issue of how to bring employees back to the office. But the far greater issue is deteriorating customer relationships, which is already happening. Simply put, your employees and your customers know each other. Many are best friends. How will you maintain your customers’ commitment when you’re struggling to create a culture of dedicated employees who build and strengthen relationships with those customers?

It’s clear now that an unstoppable force has changed how we work and live. Culture Shock offers a solution that outlines a better world of work and life — one with far higher productivity, greater customer retention and better wellbeing. It’s Gallup’s solution to the biggest leadership issue of our time.