1-2 minutes of experiential practice designed to enhance well-being and bring greater focus, clarity, confidence, and energy into your day.


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Soundbath + Meditation for Focus with Pause + Expand

02:07 MINS

Using sound bowls and sound therapy, the you will be invited to slow down and brought to a restorative state allowing for greater presence and focus in the moment.This MicroMoment is a guided meditation to bring more clarity and focus to your present moment.

“As you master the art of showing up, the first two minutes simply become a ritual at the beginning of a larger routine. This is not merely a hack to make habits easier, but actually the ideal way to master a difficult skill.

The more you ritualize the beginning of a process, the more likely it becomes that you can slip into the state of deep focus that’s required to do great things.”

– JAMES CLEAR, author of Atomic Habits