Connect3x Leadership Coaches

Elaine Newtson

Elaine brings 15 years of corporate HR experience in global talent acquisition, leadership development and university programs to her coaching practice. During the first decade of her career, she worked with leading companies within the tech, non-profit and financial services industries, to execute high growth talent acquisition plans, implement transformational workforce strategies, and optimize performance outcomes. This experience instilled a deep passion for developing empowered leaders, so in 2014, Elaine made the leap to professional coaching. She quickly established a robust career transition and professional development practice and, shortly after, focused on embedding sustainable and whole-self change into her practice through strengths-based, life-design (DYL), and purpose-driven coaching methods. For the last 8 years Elaine has coached thousands of busy professionals, 1:1 and while delivering workshops and teambuilding to organizations throughout the west coast. While each engagement brings immense satisfaction, Elaine especially enjoys working with clients during times of life transition(s) and exploring its intersection with their career journey. Elaine is a Gallup Certified Strengths-Based Coach and holds a Master Coach Certification from the Behavioral Coaching Institute.

Kevin Meenaghan

Kevin Meenaghan, Chief Strategist and President of Wardroom Success Strategies, has first-hand experience and insight into the power of the Wardroom. Kevin invested 26 years as a Navy pilot and officer. His own personal leadership journey began in the Wardrooms and flight decks onboard aircraft carriers, where his leadership abilities orchestrated the movements of hundreds of crew members as they assisted in the takeoff and landing of aircraft, and the employment of carrier strike group ships. His military leadership reached the highest levels, culminating in the facilitation of meetings with the President’s National Security Advisor, Secretary of Defense and Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. Kevin continued his journey as an executive coach and university faculty of leadership and business management, and has facilitated the training of hundreds of leaders in business, nonprofit and government organizations. Kevin is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Success Signals Communication Style trainer and DiSC trainer. He served on the Skagit County Planning Commission for 2 years and is a Past-President of the Anacortes Rotary Club. Wardroom Success Strategies offers professional organizations The Wardroom Experience through methodologies that foster leadership, build teams, and deliver stronger professional cultures.

Shawn Moore

Residing at the intersection of leadership and mindfulness, Shawn creates sacred spaces for stillness and self-inquiry to help changemakers align their strengths, intention, and impact. Through his integrative approach, he holds transformative containers for self-renewal, personal discovery, and capacity-building that ease clients on their journey towards peace, clarity, and freedom. Shawn is committed to empower changemakers to become embodied leaders – unified in mind, body, and heart – with the tools to mindfully pause, reconnect to their inner knowing, make strengths-driven decisions, and lead the change they believe the world needs. The path to collective growth is rooted firmly in our personal growth. As we work towards collective freedom, Shawn asks: How can you begin to support yourself to be able to support others? Are you pouring into others from the excess of your full cup? Shawn has an intuitive way of weaving all that he has learned on his path to help those on the inner journey of discovery to reflect on those questions – including meditation, sound healing, yoga nidra, and coaching. Shawn has worked in higher education and student affairs for over 10 years, specializing in leadership development, training/program design, and workshop facilitation – with a particular focus on diverse populations. Reckoning with his own contemplation of burnout, purpose, and alignment, Shawn transitioned out of his role as Associate Dean of Student Life & Leadership at Morehouse College in the fall of 2021 to focus more on mindfulness and stillness-based training programs and workshops. While leadership resonates with him deeply, it is his personal and spiritual practices that allows him to continue to show up for himself and others. He is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500), sound and reiki practitioner, meditation teacher, Yoga Nidra facilitator, and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, all focused through a Buddhist lens and 17 years of personal practice. In addition to holding community space through classes, he provides training in leadership and strengths-based development, and workshops in mindfulness, meditation and sound healing. He has contributed workshops, practices, and educational opportunities for celebrities like Questlove, and various yoga studios and colleges, Yoga International, Omstars, Melanin Moves Project, the Human Rights Campaign, Spotify and Lululemon. While being a proud dog dad, a hardcore gamer, and lover of all things anime, Shawn also hosts a podcast called The Mindful Rebel® Podcast that creates a platform to continually explore this unique intersection of leadership and mindfulness.

Melanie McCloskey

Melanie McCloskey, WPCC, CCJC, is a Gallup-Certified Global Strengths Coach who empowers changemakers from the inside out with tools to maximize their personal potential and live happier, more inspired lives. Melanie has worked from her PNW home with clients, one on one, in small groups and as a partner to changemaker organizations, to offer regional and national group coaching for 14 years. Her wellbeing is fueled by community, travel and time in the mountains, telemark skiing, wildflower hiking and playing on the water with dear friends. Known as a “transformation catalyst”, Melanie loves to move changemakers forward aligned with their unique talents, values and vision, for the good of the planet. Her resourceful coaching style combines her Signature Strengths of Connectedness, Relator, Intellection, Input and Activator, building bridges between thoughts, clarity and real action. With natural care and a curious nature, intuition, depth and skill, she creates a sense of comfort in the face of uncertainty and invites people to think in new ways, while challenging them to go from good to great, and be courageous in their desired actions.

Gregory Heller

Gregory Heller is a career coach and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. He has coached hundreds of MBA candidates at UW’s Foster School of Business on achieving their career goals. He is a certified facilitator of the BeReAL curriculum from the UW Center on Child and Family Well Being and serves on the Foster School’s Health, Wellness, and Professional Development Committee. With a background in nonprofit communication, Gregory has more than a decade of experience advising clients on presentation design and public speaking skills. Gregory is also the host of the podcast, Conversations on Careers and Professional Life.

Shaunna Levy

I am an innovative CliftonStrengths coach who can help you discover what makes you different from everyone else. I help you understand what skills you have so you can excel. Together, we focus on what you are doing right, instead of what you are doing wrong. I give you the tools to figure out your natural abilities and recognize when you are using them. I show you how your strengths impact what you do every day, inside and outside of work, and how you can consistently apply them toward a goal. I’ll share the tools I was given, guide you to your “a-ha” moment and then watch you soar. Let’s discover what sets you apart.